Basswood Hill Organics 2018

Homesteaded in 1886, Basswood Hill is a multi-generational family farm in northern Wisconsin producing organically-raised, non-GMO, heirloom variety vegetables, herbs, brew hops, and seasonal forest bloom honey.

Basswood Hill organic produce is carried by:

Stout’s Island Lodge Resort, Birchwood WI

20 Mile Organic and Local Store, Barronette WI

Main Street Market Whole Foods, Rice Lake WI

Available for Commercial, Market or private sale.

Wild Ramp Harvesting - Spring 2018

Contact: 715-822-4756

Email us at any time.

Read more about us on: LOCAL HARVEST!


Family Owned - Organically Grown

  1. -Heirloom Varieties

  2. -Small Batch Hops

  3. -Wildflower Honey

  4. -Edible Flowers

  5. -Organic

  6. -Non-GMO


Todd Jones


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